Kingsbury Youth Fitness

Please check our current Youth Schedule for class days and times.

Youth Fitness

Fun Fit Kids (ages 6-12)

Use your endless energy to the fullest in this program that’s designed to make becoming fit just plain fun. Enjoy an exciting mix of age appropriate cardiovascular activities interspersed with a mix of fun indoor and/or outdoor games.

Kids Bootcamp (ages 6-12)

Pull, push, run and jump – anything goes in this circuit style class designed to enhance your strength, agility and balance.

Kids Play & Fitness (ages 4+)

Children will run, jump, and bounce balls in the Fitness Studio. A fun, exciting way to exercise and play!

Kids Power Hour (ages 6-12)

Punch, kick and sweat your way to a leaner, meaner you! Circuit style stations will focus on full body conditioning with an introduction of some boxing skills and techniques. Members are required to purchase their own boxing gloves.

Shake It Up (ages 3+)

A fun and exciting combination of dance & exercise. Great music will keep your children moovin' and groovin' to the beat!

ZUMBA Kids (ages 5-12)

This high energy dance class will keep you movin' and groovin' to the rhythm of a Latin beat! This class is easy for everyone to follow and is guaranteed to keep you laughing during this full body workout.

Child Services

Animal of the Day (all ages)

Crafts, stories and games featuring an animal of the day!

Castle Builders (ages 4+)

Have fun building with mega & wood blocks - a fun and creative expression.

Discovery Kids (ages 3+)

Children create art reflecting the four seasons.

Creative Kids (all ages)

Children will experiment with paint, crayons, Play Doh. A wide variety of crafty materials will be used to create a fun craft. Please bring a smock or wear appropriate clothing.

Exersitting (all ages)

Teaching children that exercise is fun! We have combined childcare and play to develop a unique blend that is “exersitting”.

Fun & Fitness (all ages)

Incorporate fitness with fun using props, balls, Mats, hoola hoops. Your children will have a ball during this hour of play.

Hikes for Tykes (all ages)

A fun nature hike will have your children exploring the great outdoors. A great way for them to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Please dress appropriately for cold weather (The Kingsbury Club is located in a private setting, conducive to outdoor play and outdoor activities for our Kidsbury Kids).

Kids Craft (all ages)

Children create a fun and simple craft to take home!

Kids Games (ages 4+)

Children play a wide variety of board games and physically interactive games.

Kids Music (all ages)

Children learn and have fun through the magic of music.

Kids Watercolors (ages 3+)

A fun and creative way for your children to experiment with paint. Please bring a smock or wear appropriate clothing.

Play Doh Mania (ages 4+)

A fun and creative medium. Your children will enjoy learning simple techniques for using Play Doh creating mini-sculpture.

Tall Tales, Songs & Stories (all ages)

A fun filled hour of story telling, songs & puppet play. A fun and creative way to learn and play.